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Our Time and Attendance system improves cash flow by speeding billing and collections

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Over 1,200 agency field personnel in 12 states rely on HomeAdvantageTM for tracking and reporting on more than 4,000 clients monthly.
HomeAdvantage time and attendance lowers adminstrative overhead

The Advantages of HomeAdvantageTM

Improves cash flow by speeding billing and collections.
Lowers administrative overhead by eliminating excessive manual data entry, filing, and paper-handling.
Tracks the location and performance of all field staff in real-time.
Deters fraudulent activities quickly through automatic alerts.
Improves quality and consistency of patient care by being alerted to deviations in care plan.
Replaces manual payroll process by electronic time and attendance.
Adjusts schedules quickly and re-deploys staff due to unforeseen changes.
Minimizes wasted time on call-backs and reduces unnecessary visits.
Accessible anytime, anywhere via the Web, giving maximum control and convenience to supervisors, schedulers, and agency heads.

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You can't measure what you can't measure.  Get the HomeAdvantage time and attendance solution for you home care agency
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Time and Attendance - Drive Accountability Manage People with Time and Attendance Service Improve Care using HomeAdvantage time and attendance
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