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Home Advantage can help impact the bottom line of your home health care agency
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Set better home health care performance benchmarks for home aides, care givers, and staff within your home health system 16 Ways To Impact
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16 Ways To Impact Your Bottom Line

Having trouble cost-justifying automation in your home health practice? HomeAdvantageTM impacts productivity across-the-board—in back-office functions as well as field activities—making this buy decision cash flow positive sooner than other solutions.

Here are the ways HomeAdvantageTM can impact your agency. See if we can’t make your financial manager smile!

Direct Cost Savings
Eliminate manual data entry
Reduce filing and copying time
Speed collections (opportunity costs)
Eliminate pager rentals
Eliminate redundant voice mail boxes
Cancel purchase of filing cabinets
Eliminate purchase or printing of specialty paper
Monitor supply usage more accurately
Indirect Cost Savings
Set better performance benchmarks for home aides, care givers, and staff
Reduce the number of unnecessary visits
Reduce time with financial intermediaries
Lessen potential for fraud
Free up staff time for sending and receiving messages to field personnel
Reduce office equipment and space
Replace paper/time-card payroll process
Avoid accidental LUPA reimbursement

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Cost Effective
Have trouble cost justifying automation in your home health care practice
Take The Tour!
Free Cost/Benefit Analysis
"Our state surveyors and payer auditors have responded favorably to the accuracy of the documentation we get from HomeAdvantageTM. The reports available in the system allow us to manage by exception which saves us time and money."

K.Kay Stewart
Executive Director, HomeCall
Stillwater, OK
Home Advantage produces quality reports for your home health care system

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