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Is your home health agency in the business to help people or to handle paper

 Manage People, Not Paper.

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"HomeAdvantageTM is easy to use for both the office staff and the field staff. It has enabled us to have timely documentation, which has streamlined our payroll process."

K.Kay Stewart
Executive Director, HomeCall
Stillwater, OK

Get Back to The Basics

Is your agency in the home health business to help people or to handle paper? Has your agency lost itís focus due to the stress and complexity of running the business in todayís environment?

If so, HomeAdvantageTM may be the answer. HomeAdvantageTM is a comprehensive information management solution thatís helping agencies gain control, lower costs, and improve the efficiency of their business. HomeAdvantageTM provides;
  • A streamlined method for collecting and documenting patient & visit data
  • Accurate, real-time direct data capture and data aggregation to billing software
  • Effective monitoring of all field personnel activities
  • A quality assurance tool to validate compliance with patient care plans
  • Automated staff scheduling and planning functions
  • Complete management by exception reporting capabilities to analyze performance
  • Improved messaging and communications to field staff
  • A system of defense against potential abuse and fraud

Minimal Investment - Low Risk Offer

What makes HomeAdvantageTM so cost-effective is the minimal hardware and software expenditures required.. In fact, you may already have the basic infrastructure in-place! Hereís whatís needed:

  • Internet access from the office
  • Desktop PC running Win 95 or higher for each user
  • IE 5.0+ or Netscape 6.0+ browser for each user
  • A telephone at each customerís location
Thatís it!

There are no initial capital outlays, no ongoing maintenance fees, or annual upgrade fees. HomeAdvantageTM is a monthly service. You simply pay as you go.

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