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"Peek In" From Pike's Peak

Can’t stand being away and not knowing how things are going at work? Hate coming back from vacation and facing a pile of problems?

We understand.

The same passion driving you to run a great agency compels us to create great information solutions. HomeAdvantageTM was the first to offer an anytime, anywhere accessible information management service for home health agencies.

Our secure server technology, encryption and multi-tiered authentication levels ensure that only the right person gets access to the right information.

Web-accessibility is key for multi-location agencies, agencies with a mobile workforce, or any agency interested in empowering their staff. HomeAdvantageTM is ideal for:
Employees who travel and work from different locations
Working at home during inclement weather
Telecommuting situations
Round-the-clock agencies or agencies with odd-shifts or hours
... or for bosses who just want to check up on last night’s shift before starting their morning hike!

Of course, you’ll need a wireless modem and a dial-up Internet connection to pull this off. Aquila Software does not endorse the use of your PC near water!

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