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"Our state surveyors and payer auditors have responded favorably to the accuracy of the documentation we get from HomeAdvantageTM. The reports available in the system allow us to manage by exception which saves us time and money."

K.Kay Stewart
Executive Director, HomeCall
Stillwater, OK

Before You Decide:
10 Tough Questions to Ask Software Vendor's

Here’s a checklist you may find useful if you’re considering a point-of-care technology or an automation solution for your agency. Consider asking vendors the following questions.

Can they answer, “yes” to all these questions? If not, contact us.

  1. If problems or questions arise, service, do you offer a free, 24/7 help desk and one-on-one implementation support?

  2. Can the solution be fully implemented in less than a month, including training time? Does the solution avoid up-front and ongoing hardware and software costs, system upgrades, and maintenance?

  3. Is the solution voice messaging capable so to ensure timely receipt of messages and reduce lost time and unnecessary visits?

  4. Can system/call prompts be tailored to fit my agency’s operation or are they rigidly, pre-defined?

  5. How flexible is the solution for recording detailed patient care plans? Can I set multiple care plans per patient or multiple visit reasons per patient?

  6. Is the solution web accessible—meaning availability away from the office or after-hours—or is it available only by being in the office? Can financial intermediaries view patient data without interrupting your agency?

  7. Are completed tasks verified in real-time while the caregiver is on the phone, assuring the care plan is followed?

  8. Will the solution accurately identify patients in Assisted Care Living Facilities (ACLF) or multiple-dwelling units (MDUs) whose room phones are extensions?

  9. Does the solution offer an integrated scheduling package to ideally match clients and staff by discipline, client preferences, skills, certification, locality, and availability?

  10. Ask to see copies of their management reports. Are they clear and understandable? Are you getting data or information? Can the reports be customized to summarize or filter large amounts of data?

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