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 Manage People, Not Paper. HomeAdvantage medical billing software for peformance monitoring

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Crafting a Win/Win for Everyone

No doubt, making the right technology investment is confusing and difficult. Oddly enough, your biggest challenge to success: f-e-a-r. The human-side is constantly overlooked in technology decisions, causing unnecessary cost, grief, and failure for agencies.

Approach your decision strategically. Put yourself in the shoes of all who are impacted. Require that your vendor consider the human factors involved.

HomeAdvantageTM’s combination of features, high-usability, customization, and excellent service combine to make it the most accommodating information management solution on the market.

So, lower the anxiety, and raise your chance of success with everyone involved!

Patients will experience more consistent care, regardless of who’s assigned. Outcomes should improve along with patient satisfaction. Happier clients will drive positive word of mouth advertising and ultimately more referrals and growth.

Caregivers will experience less paperwork, reduced driving times, and fewer unnecessary visits. These positive changes make acceptance easier and faster. Of course, there are drawbacks. A HomeAdvantageTM solution means greater accountability and a bit less independence on the part of field personnel—factors that should not be a problem for good employees.

Admin/Professional Staff will enjoy less frustration and be more efficient at work. There’ll be fewer callbacks and significantly less paper handling. Scheduling will be a snap. Billing will be done on time and more accurate than ever. Unfortunately, the employees who spent most of their time copying, re-keying data, faxing, and filing reams of paper, will face an uncertain future!

The Agency will be able handle growth more efficiently. Higher productivity will translate to high profitability. Agency heads will gain more control and do better resource planning. With web accessibility, work can continue even during inclement weather. The stress factor will come down a notch or two—and everyone wants that!

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